The Truth About January 6th Finally Comes Out — And It’s Insane

Former President Trump gave the offer to deploy “as much as 10,000 troops,” before the events of Jan. 6 to support police, according to his former chief of staff Mark Meadows.

Meadows, during a Fox News interview, said that in January and “through the summer … Trump was very vocal in ensuring we had plenty of troops with plenty of support because he supports our police and offered more help if needed.”

He said, “Even in January, that was assumed, as much as 10,000 troops were ordered to be ready by the Secretary of Defense. That was President Trump’s direct order and yet there is blame being sent in his direction, yet no real accountability. That accountability needs to be where it should be and that’s not on Trump.”

Meadows went on to say, “I can say when we look at D.C., the Capitol Police, many are my friends. They do a great job, but they must be empowered to do their jobs, and there were many assets there to help them. And many of those choices were not made correctly, in my opinion, and those choices did not come from President Trump, it came from the other side of Pennsylvania Avenue.”

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