The World’s Worst Terrorist Group Returns Thanks To Biden

An ISIS terrorist cell is supposedly making the evacuation of Americans who are stranded inside Afghanistan after the Taliban seized the country even more difficult.

Although not stated directly, the danger posed by an ISIS branch that could be targeting Americans in Afghanistan and has allegedly prompted the United States Embassy in Kabul to give an ominous and deflating warning to people who are still stuck in the nation and wanting to be rescued:

“Due to possible security threats near the Kabul airport, we are informing American citizens to avoid going to the airport and to avoid the gates of the airport right now unless you get individual instructions from a United States official to do so.”

Making issues worse, Al Qaeda also reportedly had a presence in the nation in the form of hundreds of insurgents, according to U.S. DOD sources, regardless of what Biden has claimed just last week.

According to Fox News, “Pentagon officials would not remark on the nature of the potential threat at a press conference this Saturday, but officials said to Fox that it was the ISIS threat that led to the warning…’There are other terror groups we are worried about too,’ one official said.”

The possible ISIS threat is leading to a change in strategy, NBC News says:

“Two defense officials reported that they are tracking certain threats from ISIS on the airport and those attempting to get to the airport. So alternative methods are being created to get Americans to the evacuation zone…This includes getting smaller groups of people at certain spots and then transporting them to the airport. The goal being to get them there safely and quickly.”

Out of around 17,000 people airlifted from Kabul so far, under 3,000 were American citizens. There is around 15,000 Americans still in the nation.

As a side note, Fox News host Tucker Carlson has showed concern about resettling the thousands of unvetted Afghans into the United States.

Reports have already come out that the Taliban is attacking some Americans outside Hamid Karzai Airport as the chaotic event created by the ruined withdrawal of troops keeps getting more out of control.

With around 6,000 troops there on the ground, the Biden White House says the airport is secure.

Author: Scott Dowdy