There’s a New Type Of Sanctuary City Popping Up In America — Democrats Are Stunned

By Adam Casalino May 19, 2020 | Image Source : Patriot Journal

Across the country, cases of the virus seem to be declining. Yet many states, including California, are extending their lockdowns well into the summer.

Despite the damage these lockdowns have done to the economy, CA’s governor would rather have you safe and out of work than taking a little risk and earning a paycheck.

But not all of California agrees with Newsom. And one city has declared itself an entirely new kind of sanctuary.

From SF Gate:

The city of Atwater in Merced County has declared itself a “sanctuary city” for all businesses.

Local law enforcement will not enforce the state’s shelter-in-place order, and the city council is letting all businesses – regardless of risk — reopen and implement their own physical distancing measures.

Wow, talk about fighting the power! Atwater in Merced County has voted to become a sanctuary city for all businesses.

Much like other forms of sanctuary, this city’s police will not arrest, fine, or harass business owners who need to reopen.

The city will not mandate “social distancing” rules, letting businesses decide what is appropriate for themselves.

Wow, how American of them! This city actually trusts its residents to assess the risk and take measures that are best for their employees and customers.

Crazy, I know. But this kind of thing just might catch on, if they’re not careful.

From the start of this outbreak, many were concerned about the measures states were taking. But the threat of the disease was enough to convince most people they were necessary.

Now, it appears the worst may be over. The crisis we now face comes from people suffering from not being able to earn a paycheck.

Why aren’t governors doing their best to get everyone open as soon as possible? Why can’t they trust Americans to come up with innovative and practical ways of staying safe while making money?

A cynical person might say Gov. Newsom (and others) doesn’t want us making money. Perhaps, this same person would suggest Democrats want as many people out of work to get them on government support.

Or, they might want the economy struggling, even into the November election. Why would they do that?

But it looks more and more Americans are defying these lockdowns to safely do their business, and this new breed of sanctuary city is leading the way.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: California Town Declares New Kind Of Sanctuary City – They Are A Red Sanctuary For Businesses

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