This Desantis Smear Is So Terrible Even Democrats Are Stepping In

A Democrat in Florida is disputing “60 Minutes'” incredible smear against Republican Governor Ron DeSantis (FL). The reporter alleged that DeSantis engaged in “pay to play” with Publix, a grocery store chain being used as a vaccine distribution location, because the company had earlier donated to DeSantis’ campaign. A video of DeSantis addressing the “deal” was edited, so as not to include the governor’s complete response to these baseless allegations.

Democratic Mayor of Palm Beach County, Dave Kerner, took aim against “60 Minutes'” for their outrageous behavior.

“The reporting was intentionally wrong. I know because I offered to give my experience about Palm Beach County’s vaccinations and 60 minutes refused. They know the governor met with myself and the County Administrator and we asked to expand the partnership with Publix to this county,” Kerner said.

“We also talked about our plans to increase vaccinations centers throughout the nation, which the Governor has been very supportive of. They had those details, but they left it out because it harms their narrative.”

The network has received blowback for its smear of DeSantis but has yet to apologize.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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