This Link Between Vaccines And COVID Deaths Has Liberals Speechless

Vermont, the one state with the most vaccinations per capita in the country, is having a coronavirus surge at levels not witness since the peak of the pandemic last winter.

The amount of cases in the state is at a record level, hospitalizations are near to the records they reached last winter, and the state is seeing the deadliest day along with the second deadliest month of the pandemic in the month of September.

“I believe it is clear and it is frustrating for everyone,” Michael Pieciak said, who is the commissioner of the Vermont Dept. of Financial Regulation who watches coronavirus statistics for the state.

Over 69 percent of Vermont’s population were fully vaccinated against covid as of September 24, as reported by the CDC, far over the national rate of 56 percent.

The state had the highest rate of hospitalizations on September 30, breaking a record which was set on January 31 last year. Eight people died of the virus in the state on September 13, the highest total seen since the virus started spreading.

In late August, four out of ten cases in the state were among people who were vaccinated, according to a letter from 90 employees of the Vermont Health Dept., including state Epidemiologist Patsy Kelso.

Republican Governor Phil Scott lifted the state of emergency from Vermont back in June when 80 percent of people had gotten at least one vaccine shot. He has since hinted that he is not willing to reimpose the state of emergency.

“We cannot be in a perpetual state of emergency,” Scott stated this week.

The four states which come after Vermont in terms of the highest vaccine rates are also seeing alarming warning signs.

The leader of UMass Memorial Health, the top health system in the state of Massachusetts, said that hospitals there were now seeing almost 20 times more coronavirus patients than they saw in June and there wasn’t an ICU bed left. Massachusetts has the fifth-highest vaccine rate in the country.

And in Connecticut, the second most vaccine agreeable state in the nation, the legislature recently expanded the governor’s emergency powers to cause it to be easier to handle the latest increase of the virus.

On September 22, Maine, the third vaccinated state, had almost 90 people in the ICU, a pandemic top for the state.

Author: Scott Dowdy