Top CEO Vows To Make Nancy Pelosi Pay The Ultimate Price

Mike Lindell, the CEO of “MyPillow” and top supporter of former President Trump, issued a lawsuit this week to stop Verizon from handing over his communications records to the Jan. 6 House investigation committee.

The lawsuit targets Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and her committee that is looking into the events of Jan. 6 who are trying to get their hands on Mike Lindell’s phone records from Nov. 1, 2020 to Jan. 31, 2021. They are trying to discover which role, if any, Mike Lindell played during the Capitol riots that happened in early 2021.

But Lindell is not the only one countersuing Pelosi and Democrats after being targeted.

Sebastian Gorka also issued a lawsuit this week to stop a subpoena for his own phone records. Gorka says that committee members are overstepping their authority. He says that he was not asked to answer any questions or give more documentation. Despite having an appearance scheduled at the rally that happened on January 6, Gorka says that his speech was canceled, and he turned into a spectator to the events.

“Dr. Gorka was not a leader or member of any group that sponsored the events of January 6, and was not there at the Capitol that day,” says Gorka’s lawyer.

A number of high-profile Trump supporters also sued the January 6th committee for reasons connected to its investigation moves. Former chief of staff Mark Meadows, Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, Trump advisor Steve Bannon and lawyer John Eastman.

Lindell’s lawyers argue he had ‘no involvement at all’ in the riots that happened, and his only interest was ensuring the 2020 results were legitimate. The CEO says that the committee got his digital records and broke “Lindell’s freedom of speech, religion, press, political expression and ability to connect with others to push their shared beliefs.”

He has previously been under fire for going into the White House while handling notes that looked like they included the phrase “martial law.”

As we reported in Jan. 2021, the famed pillow-maker was pictured with a bundle of notes that seemed to have some kind of extreme talk including requests for quick staff changes and the phrase “martial law if needed upon the first sign of any…”

However, it was then made clear that what Lindell had written was dismissed by Trump, whom the CEO even said was “disinterested” in the intel he was giving, and sent him to the White House Counsel’s office.

Author: Steven Sinclaire