Top Democrat Accidentally Makes a Devastating Admission On Air

In the wake of the surprising Republican victories in Virginia and their huge showing in New Jersey in this week’s elections, West Virginia Dem Senator Joe Manchin, went on CNN this Thursday and admitted, “America is not a center-left or a left nation. We are center, if anything, maybe a little center-right nation.”

Berman asked Manchin, the senator who stonewalled Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan, saying it was too expensive, “Abigail Spanberger, a Virginian Congresswoman, and a Democrat, said about Joe Biden, that ‘nobody elected him to be like FDR, they elected him to act normal and stop this chaos.’ What do you think about this?”

“I believe he can do it; I really do,” Manchin responded. “I believe in Joe Biden. I still do and always will because he is a good person. He is here for the right reasons. He is in Washington for the right reasons.”

“We just need to work together,” Manchin said. “We cannot go too far left. America is not a center-left or a left nation. It is a center, if anything, center-right nation, that is being shown. And we should recognize this.”

“And my friends on the left, the liberals or progressives, I said, I am not,” he continued. “I always say that I am a responsible Democrat. I’m socially compassionate and fiscally responsible. I believe most people in the center feel this way. But I also empathize with the far left and the far right. That is aspirational. But let’s come together. Realize what we can and can’t do. Don’t force something that is not going to happen in order to make people believe it will.”

“Let’s look at the numbers, John, inflation,” Manchin said. “People are afraid in West Virginia about the increasing costs of food, gas and now of utilities. The basic essentials of life are going higher and giving more of a burden to these people. No matter how much money we send to them.”

Manchin’s level-headedness could be too much for the Democratic party. Because at this point, there is no going back from the extreme liberal direction the party is going thanks to Biden’s White House.

Author: Scott Dowdy