Top Democrat Begs Biden To Reinstate Trump’s Policy

A top Democrat from a border district said the nation might be just days away from a disaster if migration rates continue and Biden does not take action.

“We are maybe days away from a border crisis. Not taking action is not an option,” said Representative Henry Cuellar, a Democrat whose district runs along a 200 mile stretch of the Rio Grande Valley. “Our nation is not prepared to deal with the surge in illegals. Not only that, but these people are also exposing border towns to covid-19.”

Border Patrol is not testing the thousands of illegals it is coming across. Just this week, Cuellar exposed the fact that 108 people had been released by Border Patrol in Brownsville, Texas. These people were positive for coronavirus. They were tested by nonprofit groups that got their tests from local cities.

Across the Rio Grande Valley, agents have arrested about 10,000 illegals over the past week, 2,500 of which were seen just over the past two days alone.

Cuellar warned that Biden must listen and work with border leaders who are experiencing the disastrous consequences of decisions made in DC.

Last month, over 50 House Republicans accused Biden of treating the border like a “political game” for implementing mass-immigration as arrests of illegals rise to crisis levels, and they urged him to present a plan for responding to the flood of people coming across.

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