Top Democrat Caught ‘Red’ Handed In Bed With China

A DNC candidate running against NY Republican Congressman Elise Stefanik has been discovered to be a lawyer who once worked for the Chinese state media company, China Daily, according to reports this week.

The Washington Free Beacon revealed that Matthew Putorti legally represented the China propaganda outlet in a suit in 2019, citing official documents.

Putorti was the top challenger to Rep. Stefanik, who was recently ranked at number 3 in the House Republican leadership’s, replacing Congresswoman Liz Cheney from Wyoming, with a strong fundraising during his campaign, the outlet said.

The attorney was China Daily’s only attorney in a 2019 copyright battle that was filed against an American photographer, according to the documents. As a lawyer with Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLC, Putorti made numerous legal motions for the Chinese state media company starting in Feb. 2019.

The China Daily is the top international news organ for China’s Communist party, pushing their message out to the rest of the world. In Feb. 2020, the State Dept. listed the outlet as a propaganda company for the Chinese government.

Putorti’s working for the regime happened around the same time China was boosting its spending on propaganda. Currently, the China Daily is among the primary ways used by the Communist government to discredit the U.S. while deflecting their mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Over the previous year, The NY Times stopped an ongoing financial relationship with China Daily as the paper discreetly started scrubbing the propaganda that they had concocted.

Putorti’s connection to the China Daily is not a random thing. The Free Beacon has also reported that his “firm does much greater work with Chinese executives—with the legal firm maintaining three offices within China and dedicating a whole part of its website—much of which is written in Mandarin—to its leading status as the ‘top choice’ law firm for Chinese businesses,” the report said.

Author: Blake Ambrose