Top Democrat Demands Death Be Brought Upon Her Opponents

Michelle Leete, who is the leader of the Fairfax NAACP chapter, had some extreme words for those people who dare seek to oppose Critical Race Theory.

“Let them die,” she said before the crowd applauded her outside Jackson Middle School, which is in the Fairfax County system, which is the 11th largest school system in the nation and the largest in the state of Virginia. The protest was before a school board meeting.

Such a violent call for genocide came after Leete gave off a whole slew of insults to people who oppose CRT, including “anti-equity, anti-education, anti-history, anti-diversity and anti-inclusion.”

“Let them die,” she repeated to applause, before then urging crowd, “don’t allow these uncomfortable people keep us from marching forward.”

The topic of anti-white CRT training has taken center stage nationally, with lawmakers proposing federal legislation to ban CRT. It is getting pretty explosive at the local level, too. As white parents realize their children are being targeted.

In May, we discussed the issue with parents whose kid are enrolled in this school district about a survey they were invited to do about “Development of a new Anti-Racism Curriculum.”

Almost all who talked to use were against such new policies and many called them just a way to re-introduce anti-white teachings.

The storm around CRT has reached extreme levels in northern Virginia. As Matt said recently, a school meeting ended with one arrest after the meeting was said to be an unlawful assembly.

It’s also leading to effecting the state’s governor race. Virginia is only one of two states to have an off-year state election, the other is New Jersey. The GOP nominee, Glenn Youngkin, has promised to outlaw CRT, a promise he is repeating on the trail. In June, Youngkin had a rally outside the Loudoun Schools Admin. Building.

According to June’s map from NBC, 22 states have put forward or enacted laws that ban CRT. Arizona’s Governor Doug Ducey (R) signed this legislation last week.

The GOP Party of Virginia quickly took note of the exchange, and on twitter, connected it to Dem nominee Terry McAuliffe. He mentioned CRT as “a conservative conspiracy” that was “completely made up by Trump and Glenn Youngkin.”

Author: Scott Dowdy