Top Democrat Strategist Freaks Out Over The Party’s Epic Downfall

Political consultant James Carville stated recently that “Democrats whine too much” as he was interviewed on “Meet The Press.”

“You have a situation, the Biden coalition, no one is happy. Progressives are not happy, with how BBB  has gone, African Americans are not happy about voting rights, and if you look at the polling, honestly the thing that is cratering are Independents. You know, the people that just wanted the heat turned down,” host Chuck Todd said. “You are the president, what do you repair first?”

“I believe a lot of the Dem base have not been informed about the things that President Biden and Congress has done,” Carville said.

“But those are things that if I’m a Democrat, I would care about more that than some word – that children are going to bed with a warm house and full stomach. I care that somebody, an hourly worker, is not sitting there working away making $7.25 an hour. And I see these signs all over south Mississippi and Louisiana, $700 signing bonus. Those are good accomplishments. And it is something you can run on.”

“Again, you do not talk about what you didn’t get. Dems whine too much, Chuck. Quit being the whiny party and go out there and fight and tell people the truth. The GOP stands for nothing other than let’s relitigate the presidential election.”

A recent Gallup poll discovered that party preferences went from a 9-point Dem advantage to a 5-point GOP advantage during 2021 as President Biden’s approval ratings continue to go down. A recent Quinnipiac University poll also found only 33% of those polled approved of Joe Biden’s job as president with 53% stating the disapproved. The rating is under 3% since Nov., during which Joe Biden scored a 36% approval number.

Older Democrats are clearly growing frustrated as they see their party slowly descend into madness given the strong hold that anti-police and anti-white agendas have in the party. And I must admit it is fun seeing their slow descent into chaos as MAGA rebuilds its strength and prepares for 2024.

Author: Steven Sinclaire