Top Democrat Tries To Close Down The NRA… Is Quickly Met With This Reality

This week, the NY State Court Justice Joel Cohen decided that Letitia James, the NY Attorney General, cannot dissolve the American National Rifle Association (also known as the NRA).

Cohen is one of the Justices on the NY State Court in Manhattan.

Reuters said that Cohen ruled that her allegations about NRA financial malfeasance concerning private affairs inside the organization, not with the organization’s members.

He said that James’ “complaint does not mention the kind of public harm that is the legal foundation for imposing this ‘corporate death penalty.’”

Cohen left a door open for James to continue to pursue the NRA’s CEO, Wayne LaPierre, and get his removal from the national gun-rights group.

James put out a written comment in reply to Cohen’s ruling:

“Today, the court confirmed my office’s ability to pursue its long-standing legal claims of abuse, fraud, and greed running through the NRA organization and its top leadership. While we are heartened that the judge decided to reject the NRA’s attempts to throw out most of our claims in this case against the NRA, we are also disappointed that the judge ruled against our case for dissolution. We are working on our legal options in respect to this ruling. We are committed to enforcing the laws of New York regardless of how powerful any person or group may be.”

James’ lawsuit on the NRA was issued in 2020.

This comes at a time when more and more states are expanding American’s gun rights. With Georgie being the most recent state to enact constitutional carry laws. This lawsuit is yet more evidence that Democrats do not care about the will of the people. In fact, they are forced to take “lawfare” measures to push their gun control agenda since Americans are clearly against it!

This proves there is, and always will be, a fight to keep America’s gun rights and second amendment. It will always be a fight uphill given the ever increasing Democratic voter block who really do not like the idea of an armed white population, for whatever reason that may be.

Author: Blake Ambrose