Top Democrat Wants ‘Free Range’ Gangs To Roam America

Controversial liberal LA County District Attorney George Gascón is supposedly “planning to severely cut or completely remove the Hardcore Gang unit of his office,” according to the local Fox affiliate in the area, KTTV-11.

Two anonymous LA County Deputy DA’s inside the Hardcore Gang unit confirmed to FOX 11 what other sources are saying: that Gascón is disbanding or decreasing the size of the unit.

The prosecutors report feeling hamstrung by Gascón’s choice, and say that this will be a disaster in the making, given the violent crime in LA.

Gascón was elected in this past November’s election after getting millions of dollars from George Soros, who has aided in the election of radical prosecutors across the nation to push extreme “reforms” to criminal laws and procedures.

He defeated incumbent Jackie Lacey, who was black but also disliked by BLM protestors. Gascón took over and promptly pushed to stop cash bail, prevent prosecutors from using the death penalty, and stop sentence enhancements for most aggravating situations.

The public has pushed back. Prosecutors won a preliminary injunction last month that stopped some of Gascón’s programs, and critics — including families of violent crime victims — are now trying to recall him.

However, Gascón’s radical pro-crime “reforms” keep going. 

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