Top Democrats Blow Whistle On Biden’s Mental Decline

President Biden is already being pushed around by fellow Democrats who want him out of office and replaced by someone who does not suffer from cognitive impairments. 

Three dozen Democrats have penned a letter pushing for the nuclear codes to be taken away from Biden as they try to neuter the already illegitimate president before his dementia ends in disaster.

In their letter, the Democrats frame it as though Trump were responsible.

Vesting only one person entails real risks,” says the letter, which was led by Rep. Jimmy Panetta (D-CA). “Previous presidents have threatened to attack other nations and caused officials to have concern about the president’s judgment.“

“While any president would talk with advisors before ordering an attack, there is no requirement for such a discussion,” the letter says. “The military would be forced to follow the order. Under our current nuclear forces, that attack would happen within minutes.”

Democrats are pushing to make launching missiles conditional on approval from the VP and House speaker, “neither of which can be removed by POTUS if they disagree with the launch order.”

The left is making preparations for VP Kamala Harris to take over. This might have been the plan from the beginning, with her becoming the first female president despite her lack of qualities and extreme unpopularity.

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