Top Election Predictor Gives Terrible News For Democrats

Democratic election investigator Doug Schoen is sounding the warning alarm for the DNC’s 2022 midterm outlook.

In fact, as Schoen is saying, along with another pollster named Carley Cooperman, “Democrats’ political outlooks are greatly deteriorating” — and they have the information to prove it.

What does the data reveal?

Recent information gotten by Schoen Cooperman Research shows that the DNC is becoming increasing vulnerable to huge losses in 2022.

The important findings include:

  • 53% of possible voters think President Joe Biden “has not paid enough attention to the nation’s most crucial problems,” compared to 38% who think Joe Biden’s priorities are good.
  • 66% of possible voters think “Biden and Democrats are out of touch with most Americans” because “they are so focused on passing their agenda,” compared 30% who think Joe Biden and Dems are out of touch.
  • 65% of possible voters agree that Joe Biden has not improved the United States like he promised he would, compared to 31% of people who disagree.
  • 52% of possible voters think the economy has gotten worse because of Joe Biden, compared to 36% of people who say it is stronger under Joe Biden.

Additionally, the survey found that possible voters overwhelmingly disapprove of Joe Biden’s performance on the southern border and immigration (60% to 34%), disapprove of his foreign policy (59% to 36%), and blame Dems over the GOP for increasing crime (48% to 27%).

What does this mean for 2022?

Given this information, in addition to details revealing Republicans are favored overall on generic ballots, Cooperman and Schoen predicted that Dems stand to lose in a large “landslide” in 2022.

“If the DNC Party continues down its path of embracing progressive politics while overlooking clear political realities, we will almost certainly get hit by a landslide Republican victory in 2022,” the duo said at The Hill.

In fact, the data gives a “resounding message to Democrats,” according to Cooperman and Schoen: Return to moderate policies, embrace more fiscal responsibility, and deliver on “practical social and economic policies.”

“Without this course correction, Dems will almost certainly be brought down by the GOP in 2022 and in 2024 and could find themselves in the minority in the U.S. Congress for many years to come,” Cooperman and Schoen predicted.

Author: Scott Dowdy