Top Police Leader Responds To Biden’s Forced Vaccine With This Jaw-Dropper

LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva has said he does not want to lose ten percent of his police by forcing them to decide between their bodily freedom and their jobs, so he won’t force them. This is the newest example of a growing amount of police agencies wanting to keep their officers instead of enforcing an unconstitutional order forcing officers to get the coronavirus shot.

Villanueva announced recently that he will ignore the L.A. Health Dept. order to force his officers to get the shot by Oct. 1 due to him “not wanting to lose 5 or 10% of them overnight.” He said on Fox News later that the “badly thought out, badly done” mandate was “too politicized, and I cannot enforce it.”

The LA sheriff oversees the country’s largest sheriffs dept. with over 18,000 deputies.

Villanueva joined the Sheriff of Riverside County, Chad Bianco, who in Sept said “the government has no right to mandate people’s health choices, and I won’t enforce a mandate on my employees.” He said he took his job seriously as “the last line of defense against a tyrannical government.”

Back in 2020, these two sheriffs would not enforce the Democrat supported “stay at home” order.

The Faulkner County sheriff in Arkansas will also not enforce a mandate against his deputies. Sheriff Tim Ryals said the vaccine mandates were “tyranny” and “an authority overreach.”

Sheriff Richard Jones from Butler County in Ohio, says he is not playing “vaccine police” for people who might come under vaccine orders.

But elsewhere, police officers and other employees seem to be by themselves in combatting the mandates.

Washington’s fire marshal will soon be fired since he refused to get the shot due to a preexisting condition.

Fire Marshal Charles LeBlanc said to KING 5 News that he was allowed medical exemption and “my request was accepted, but they say I cannot be accommodated.” He is among several government employees suing the state. He has been with the department for over three decades.

In Oregon, state troopers are now legally fighting against the mandate. They just lost a battle in court trying to get a temporary injunction to pause the vaccine order. The retired state justice handling the case actually said that temporary emergency orders have “the authority to enforce health laws that might have the effect of going against individual rights.”

What is most shocking about these police leaders who are taking a stand is just how few of them there are.

Author: Steven Sinclaire