Top Republican Doesn’t Hold Back After Vandals Target Her Home

Congresswoman Nancy Mace (R-SC) revealed this week that she got a concealed carry gun after her home was hit by vandals, stating that getting a weapon was “among the most empowering steps I have ever taken” while also saying she is instructing her kids on gun safety and reporting that, “They understand how to use a gun if they are ever near one.”

Police had informed Mace previously that her house in Charleston was vandalized with anarchist graffiti and symbols. Police are still looking into the event, and the graffiti is now gone. Comments including “F*** you Nancy,” were removed by crews the same day it happened.

Mace said to Maria Bartiromo this week that she had gotten a concealed carry permit in her state of South Carolina near the end of last year based on the threats made against her. She said:

“I am getting my concealed permit for Washington D.C. I want to guarantee I obey all the laws, but I am not going to be in a position where I can not defend myself. And this country has seen political violence going up over the past year. And I want to ensure I can always defend my family and myself and my beliefs and the things I fight for.”

“And so, wherever I go in this state and I can legally carry, I will have a gun on me, always. And I must say, as a single mother, it’s among the most empowering steps I have ever taken. I have also taught my children about gun safety. I believe that is really important so they are not afraid. They understand how to handle a gun if they are close to one,” Mace said.

Rep. Mace spoke about the charges from some liberals that she had done this to her own home: ,,“There was no empathy, only a push to revictimize me. And I challenge anyone: If I did this, do please send any evidence to the FBI and charge me. I dare you, the evidence does not exist. And it’s crazy that this is where we are at now in this nation, you’re seeing the collapse of civility on the internet because of this.”

Author: Scott Dowdy