Top Republican Says Biden Is Going Down, No Matter What

Sen. Ted Cruz believes a GOP-led Congress might impeach Pres. Joe Biden “whether it is justified or not.”

The Texas senator said impeachment might happen “whether it is justified or not” after “the Dems weaponized impeachment,” impeaching the former President Donald Trump twice during his term in office.

“I said at the time when we have a Dem president and a GOP House, you should expect an impeachment proceeding,” Cruz stated on his podcast, Verdict with Ted Cruz, this week. “That is not the way impeachment should work, but I think the Dems crossed that line, and I think there will be a large amount of pressure on Republicans in the House to start impeachment proceedings.”

Though Ted Cruz is not in favor of normalizing impeachment proceedings, he does think there are “potentially multiple grounds” to think about on the impeachment of Joe Biden, with the most compelling being “the utter lawlessness of Pres. Biden’s refusal to enforce the border.” Cruz said Joe Biden has defied federal immigration laws and allowed “2 million illegals to come in here unimpeded.”

The Biden administration asked the Supreme Court to review its case that would end former President Donald Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” immigration policy this week amid an increase in migrants. A total of 1.7 million migrants have been encountered at the southern border last year, which ended in Sept., officials said.

Cruz, who is “very optimistic” about the Republicans’ chances in the midterm elections, said House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who is a favorite to become speaker if Republicans were to retake the House, would be smart to spearhead investigations into Joe Biden.

But the Texas Republican was less sure about the GOP’s chances in the Senate, saying that the odds of victory there were 50-50. He said this was due to there being “more vulnerable Republican seats” in the Senate in 2022 than the Dems, meaning republicans would need to “have some things bounce right.”

McCarthy has a 48% job approval rating with independents,10 points better than his key cohort Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s 38% and 8 points higher than Biden and Senator Chuck Schumer.

Republicans are just several districts away from winning a 218-seat majority in the House, and they just need to net one Senate seat in the 2022 elections to reclaim the majority.

Author: Steven Sinclaire