Top Senator Warns Russian Invasion Of Ukraine Could Prompt “Very Dangerous Period In Human History”

Republican Sen. Marco Rubio delivered a warning that the near-certain Russian invasion of Ukraine could have a catastrophic impact on the world – catapulting us into a “very dangerous period in human history.”

Rubio appeared on CBS’ “Face the Nation” with host Margaret Brennan on Sunday.

Brennan asked Rubio about the impact that a Russian invasion of Ukraine would have on the United States.

Rubio responded, saying that it would begin by “destabilizing Europe,” and that there would be broader ramifications.

“But I think this would have a global impact, because we’re now all of a sudden once again living in a world in which countries and leaders can decide that something belongs to them, and they go in and take it by force,” the senator said before adding that not only do European nations have “complaints about treaties,” but that China has its eyes on Taiwan, and has border disagreements with India.

“So, if we now live in a world where you can just go in and take a country because you claim it or parts of it belong to you, and you can do so militarily, well, we’ve entered a very dangerous period in human history once again. So, I think it has enormous consequences if and when that happens.”

Brennan also asked about the possibility that Putin could use a relationship with China to blunt any sanctions from the West.

Rubio’s response was that if Russia ultimately does invade Ukraine, the price they pay should be seen by the world. He added that there would need to be a united front in order to maintain the integrity of a sanctions-based punishment.

“…his economy should be crippled and hurt badly. That will require unity, not just from the Europeans, but other countries around the world, but beginning with the Europeans. If they’re not going to impose those sanctions and stick with them, then … over time, he will be able to blunt it.”

When asked if the U.S. will have a combat role should the invasion take place, Rubio responded, “no.”

“I want it to be clear. There is no U.S. combat role in Ukraine. There isn’t going to be one. I don’t know of anyone who supports it, not even the Ukrainians.”

Rubio then pointed out that while an invasion is one thing, the Ukrainians will make life rather difficult for the Russian’s during the occupation phase following the invasion.

“But the other thing that’s going to happen is, the easiest part for him is going to be the invasion. The harder part is going to be the occupation. Ukrainians are not going to welcome him with roses. He’s going to have to explain to Russian mothers why their sons keep coming home injured, killed, and maimed from this occupation. If any country on Earth knows how painful and difficult it is to occupy a country that doesn’t want you there for a substantial period of time, it should be us, with our experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Author: Matt Preston