Top U.S. Enemy Creates Terrifying New Weapon — And It’s Aimed Directly At Biden

North Korea announced it has tested a new cruise ballistic missile during its continuing nuclear program. According to the Pyongyang’s state news outlet “Worker’s Daily,” this Monday local time the projectile was launched this weekend and it went over 900 miles before crashing at a location that is not known at this time. The report said that the missile went around 1.5 hours before returning to the ground.

“Cruise missiles are usually detected after the tests are done for their low flights. North Korea had done two cruise missile tests already in 2021, but we did not reveal them as we do not speak about all cruise missile tests we see,” said a South Korean Defense Ministry spokesperson.

The launch was first highlighted by South Korean media and it comes after a long two-year pause in the country’s missile program under President Trump between 2018 and 2020. North Korean officials would not mention Kim Jong Un in their report, saying that the test launch was led by a top Politburo member.

The Indo-Pacific Command said other nations should keep an eye on the activity.

“This action highlights DPRK’s continuing drive to increase its military programs and its threat against its neighbors and the worldwide community,” the Indo-Pacific Command stated in their comment.

This comes at a time when Joe Biden is suffering the worst poll numbers of his presidency. With more Americans disapproving than approving. Some of this is due to his mismanaged withdrawal from Afghanistan. The chaos and panicked appearance of the withdrawal made it seem to America’s enemies that now is a good time to increase their own stature. Biden’s weakness was on full display, and now it seems that North Korean leaders, whoever might be in control, is taking full advantage of this opening.

During Donald Trump’s presidency, North Korea had historically peaceful interactions with South Korea and America. Under Biden, tensions are increasing across the board in Asia, not only from North Korea but from China’s increasingly hostile stance in the South China sea. Tensions which Biden seems to be ignoring completely.

Author: Scott Dowdy