Trucker Convoy Releases Their Route, Will They Go Through Your City?

The People’s Trucker Convoy has put out the route it will travel to support Americans’ love for freedom in a way that even D.C. can’t ignore.

The convoy is scheduled to go from Adelanto in California, this Wednesday, and reach Washington, D.C., next Saturday, March 5, according to a news release from the convoy’s website.

We have more than 1,000 truckers. I have lost count right now and I understand it will keep growing,” organizer Maureen Steele said to Newsmax last week.

And she made the point of saying that “freedom” is what the convoy is guarding.

“Freedom is not free. Now is our chance as Americans to ensure freedom for the future, and we are doing this lawfully. We can gather and we have the right to protest, we won’t be breaking any laws. If there are any other convoys that are unlawful, that won’t be ours,” she said.

In a separate tv interview this Thursday, she said that convoy organizers were making it a priority to cooperate with law enforcement.

She said it will have advance teams “just to check in with police in towns ahead of the trucker convoy, that if we are going to gather there and ensure they are prepared for a huge convoy to come through town.”

The press release said the goal of the protest is to demand an end to all the mandates related to the covid pandemic, is to be a “law-abiding convoy – we hope to see more Americans there!”

The release also stresses that the route could change, but with the current plan, this Wednesday, the trucks and all other supporting vehicles will be as far as Kingman, Arizona. This Thursday, the rigs will go from the city of Kingman to Lupton, along I-40. The trucks will drive along I-40 one additional day as they go from Lupton into New Mexico and break at Glenrio, Texas, this Friday.

On Saturday, the convoy will reach Elk City Oklahoma, and then Sunday travel from Elk City to Vinita, Oklahoma.

Then on Monday, the convoy’s route goes through Sullivan, Missouri. And Tuesday, on March 1st, it will reach Indianapolis. After a rest day on March 2, the trucks will reach Cambridge, Ohio and then on Friday, March 4, the trucks will be in Maryland.

If all goes according to plan, the trucker convoy will be in D.C. Beltway area this Saturday, March 5.

Author: Steven Sinclaire