Truckers Aren’t Going To Like Biden’s Latest Announcement

President Joe Biden stated Thursday his White House is considering using the National Guard to aid in dealing with the national trucker shortage in the country.

Supply chain bottlenecks have been hurting the nation and the White House recently warned American consumers about possible empty shelves during the holidays. Although the Biden Administration has convinced some West Coast ports and top retail companies such as Walmart to work 24/7 to deal with the problem, there is still a growing shortage of truckers.

Biden, talking at CNN’s town hall in Maryland, was asked by the moderator, Anderson Cooper, if he would consider using the National Guard to help with trucking problems. The president responded “yes” and said there are ongoing talks about the matter.

“First of all, I want to get the ports going again and get America’s railroads and the trucks in the ports ready to go because I have gotten Walmart and others to say we are going to move stuff from the port into our warehouses,” Biden stated.

“Yes, if we cannot move – increase the amount of truckers, which we are in the process of doing right now,” Biden said when Cooper asked for confirmation that the idea could be a possibility.

The president then said that “small businesses needs help badly” and said that many of these businesses purchase products from bigger places.

Top administration officials would not admit that the American Rescue Plan possibly contributed, in part, to the topic due to an increased demand for goods. Still, the officials stated that the rescue plan aided the economy and White House officials have said the crisis is partly because of the president’s “successful economic agenda.”

This comes at a time when inflation has been increasing at a surprising rate. With many American households being forced to pay more for essentials like food, gas and even rent. Recently it was reported that some gas stations in California have increased their prices as high as $8 per gallon. As financial experts predict more ongoing problems, the Biden White House is being put into the corner all thanks to their large spending spree that is still ongoing.

Author: Scott Dowdy