Trump And Bill O-Reilly Team Up For Incredible New Project

Broadcaster Bill O’Reilly put out the word on Monday that he will host a “Limited National Tour” with former President Trump in December with multiple large stadium events.

“These will be great sessions where we will discuss the real issues happening in the U.S., those that the Liberal Media never talk about,” Trump said in his announcement.

“I will be discussing the greatness for our nation, something few mention during political dialogue. If we do not make America great again, we will not have a Country!” he said.

Trump then said, “I look forward to partnering with Bill, whose book is a #1 bestseller right now, to openly talk about the real issues of our nation, and how to deal with them. Also, it will be fun for everybody who attends!”

O’Reilly said that, “As a journalist, my job is to get crucial things on record in a factual way. These discussions with Trump will not be boring.”

“From the creation of the vaccine, to the booming economy, to the challenge from China, President Trump was the best and the most powerful leader in the world,” the statement said.

The tour “starts on December 11, 2021 in Florida and goes on December 12, then to Texas for December 18 and 19.”

Tickets will go on sale on for premium members on Thursday. Public tickets will start selling on June 14.

The news comes after Facebook’s announcement that Trump will stay suspended for two years.

The social media platform said it will refer to “experts” to study if Trump can be reinstated after January 2023.

“We will evaluate other factors, including violence, restrictions against peaceful assembly and other hints of unrest,” A Facebook spokesperson said.

“If we decide there remains a risk to public safety,” he added, “we will then prolong the restriction for a set time and keep re-evaluating until that risk has declined.”

Author: Scott Dowdy