Trump Attorney Exposes Biden-Loving Trump Traitors

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel is now being finally called out for her role in denying election fraud and stopping the fight for the election.

Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis, who spearheaded the fight to prevent election fraud, slammed McDaniel for being a hypocrite and fraud denier:

In the book by Michael Wolff called, “Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency,” RNC chief counsel Justin Riemer is said to have propagandized RNC officials to oppose the push against voter fraud right after the election steal took place.

After Ellis was made aware of the emails and shared them with Rudy Giuliani, they were angry, and Giuliani wanted Riemer removed as a result.

“Can you f–king believe it,” Giuliani said about the RNC’s actions under the leadership of McDaniel. “The RNC is backdooring and doing all they can not to help us.”

Giuliani phoned Riemer to give him an earful for his efforts to sabotage the struggle against voter fraud.

“How can you go against the president? … You should resign tonight … because you will get fired,” Giuliani said to Riemer, according to the account in the book.

Giuliani then phoned McDaniel to demand that Riemer get fired, and she reportedly gave nothing but lip service to his demands. However, Mitt Romney’s niece was completely disingenuous as usual. Riemer is still in his role as RNC chief counsel even now.

Conservatives are starting to see McDaniel as the pariah in the America First movement and yet another example of the Romney family screwing over America.

The conservative news arena is working to play catch up to us, as we spoke about McDaniel’s double-dealing right after the fraudulent election happened:

“RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, who was only brought into politics because of her uncle Mitt Romney, is backing away from President Trump as she tries to keep her RNC job for another term.”

“McDaniel has gotten the endorsement of President Trump to stay as the leader of the RNC, and she has given lip service to support Trump’s push for election integrity and to count all legal vote. But as she faces a potential moderate challenger in her chair race, McDaniel is privately giving concessions that harm the America First agenda.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire