Trump Betrayed By One Of His Own

Former President Trump slammed Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley in a comment on Tuesday, after a new book said he had taken action to restrict the president’s authority after January 6th and told the Chinese Army that he would give them a heads up if the United States were going to attack it.

The book, by Robert Costa and Bob Woodward, said that Gen. Milley had a secret meeting in the Pentagon after the Capitol protest on Jan. 6 and told top military leaders to inform him if the president ordered nuclear weapons to be used.

The book also said that Milley had two secret calls with his Chinese counterpart four days previous to the 2020 election and after Jan. 6, to reassure him that the United States would not attack China and that if it did, he would warn him ahead of time.

Trump blasted General Milley in his comment:

“If this story about “Dumbass” General Milley, the same failed person who engineered the terrible withdrawal from Afghanistan, which was the worst in our history, leaving behind dead soldiers, many Americans, and $85 Billion of the most sophisticated weapons in the world, and our Nation’s reputation, is true, then I assume he would get tried for TREASON for dealing with his Chinese counterpart without the President knowing and informing China that he would be giving them a notification “of an attack.” He cannot do that!”

“The good news is the story is Fake and concocted by a weak General together with two writers who I refused interview attempts with because they write fiction and not facts. Action must be taken against Milley, and the better generals in our Military, of which we have a lot, should get more involved so another disaster like Afghanistan never happens again. Remember, I took out all of ISIS. Milley said it could not be done!”

“For the record, I never even considered attacking China—and China knows this. The people that fabricated this story are demented and sick, and the people who publish it are also terrible. In fact, I am the only President in decades who did not get the United States into a war—a fact that is not often reported.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire