Trump Delivers Kill Shot To Biden With This Announcement

Former President Trump implied he will run for president again during his Tuesday discussion with conservative Lisa Boothe.

Trump went on the “The Truth with Lisa Boothe” podcast to discuss Afghanistan, Biden and the possibility for Trump to attempt a third White House bid come 2024.

Trump, saying that he won the recent election, said he is still thinking of another presidential campaign. But he teased that his mind has been made up.

“We won twice. I have won it twice and now I need to win it again,” he said. “I guess if we are going to save the nation.”

“I will make a choice,” Trump said.

“It will not be maybe for some time, a little while. You know, many people would like to see a choice right now,” he said. “But maybe there is also a huge group, including maybe even myself, that would like to see it after our midterms.”

He also said the 2020 election was “rigged” during his interview with Boothe.

With regard to the recent Biden admin. crisis in Afghanistan, Trump hit Biden for his leadership.

“No one has ever seen embarrassment such as this,” Trump said, adding that “between the open borders and Afghanistan … I guess this blows all else away.”

“There has never been anything like this,” he said, “such incompetence and stupidity.”

“We had Afghanistan under total control, like you would not believe. I dealt with the Taliban leaders,” Trump said to Boothe. “The military would have been gotten out last, not first. That was a huge mistake — they withdrew the troops and left up to 45,000 people there in harm’s way.”

“You removed the military out and you just put them into a possible slaughter. Jimmy Carter had only a few hostages… Biden now has up to 45,000 American hostages. No one has ever seen anything like it,” Trump said.

Trump said that had his White House was in charge of the Afghanistan withdrawal, civilians would be home, equipment would have been taken out with United States troops, or destroyed, and bases would have been bombed as they left — leaving the Taliban with nothing.

Author: Scott Dowdy