Trump Demands New Leadership To Replace Republican Failures

Former President Trump put out a comment Tuesday blasting Senate GOP members for negotiating with President Biden.

The former president made fun of recent attempts by Senate Republicans to come to a bipartisan deal with the Biden administration concerning infrastructure and said that they could pursue “new leadership” other than Mitch McConnell.

“So sad to watch certain RINO Senators go to the White House and keep getting nothing for infrastructure. When will they understand they are being played, and used by, the Far Left—and only bad things can come from this,” the comment from Trump said in part.

“Should have never lost the Senate, thanks Mitch! New leadership is required, and fast,” Trump said.

Trump blamed McConnell for the Republicans losing Georgia’s two Senate seats in a separate comment on Monday, saying that he regrets supporting McConnell’s 2020 re-election.

“He never did anything for Republicans and blew it for the whole country. Too bad I supported him in his primary, otherwise he would have lost,” Trump stated.

Senate Republicans came to a bipartisan deal previously last week on an infrastructure bill with Democrats and the Biden Administration. The bill had funding for bridges, roads and high-speed rail, among other items.

Despite this agreement that Republicans and Democrats, Biden said right after the deal was agreed to that he would only support the bipartisan legislation if Congress passed another bill which had funding for climate, child-care, education and other far-left agenda by reconciliation, causing Republicans to threaten to cancel their deal.

However, Biden later took back his comments, indicating that he was not threatening a veto, despite his previous remarks to reporters.

“That comment really upset some folks, who do not see the two bills as being connected; they are trying to defeat the Families Plan,” Biden said in a comment. “My remarks also caused some to believe I was threatening a veto against the plan I had only just accepted, which is absolutely not my plan,” said President Biden.

Author: Scott Dowdy