Trump Destroys Gun Confiscation Plan Without Even Being President

Second Amendment supporters and business owners are now cheering a new ruling from the 9th Circuit Court that LA County and Ventura County’s shutting down of gun stores during the covid-19 pandemic was unconstitutional, allowing for lawsuits.

The California counties broke the 2nd Amendment by mandating the shutdown of gun and ammunition stores in March, 2020, as ruled by the 9th Court of Appeals. Those stores were said to be nonessential by progressive politicians at the time, as reported by Fox 11.

“The court today rightfully said that LA County broke the 2nd Amendment rights when it restricted gun stores during the start of the coronavirus pandemic,” Michael Jean, NRA’s director of the Office of Litigation Counsel, said in a comment. “This is an important choice. It ensures that the state of California — or any other — cannot use a crisis to stomp on the Constitutional rights of American citizens.”

The NRA Office of Litigation Counsel also sued the Santa Clara, Contra Costa, Alameda, and San Mateo counties for their mandates and rules in California, but three of them were tossed out from the lawsuit when the orders were repealed.

The leader of the Crime Prevention Research Center, John Lott, said that the ruling reveals that those counties did not even try to justify shutting down the gun stores, which broke the right of American citizens to self-defense, as reported by Fox Business.

“The orders by LA and Ventura counties shutdown gun stores even as they allowed businesses such as bike shops to stay open,” Lott said. “Despite booming crime, the counties made it impossible for Americans to exercise their self-defense right, to buy a gun, or even try to obtain a concealed handgun permit for self protection or even get ammunition. The judges’ unanimous ruling complained that the counties did not even try to justify what businesses they wanted to close.”

Judge Lawrence Van Dyke, who is appointee of former President Trump, said in his ruling that the 2nd Amendment “means nothing if the government can stop all persons from getting any firearm or ammo… These blanket restrictions on access clearly burden conduct guarded by the 2nd Amendment and fail under intermediate and strict scrutiny.”

Author: Blake Ambrose