Trump Drives Liberals Up The Wall With Blue State Victories

It is amazing how often Donald Trump has been vindicated from the never-ending attacks against him, which were happening since the day Trump came down the escalator and announced he would be shaking up the United States political scene.

His critics were wrong about him having no chance at winning the presidency. The insane Russia conspiracy theorists were also wrong several times.

Two historic impeachments which failed to satisfy his angry enemies.

And even now, after leaving Washington DC, the vindication just keeps happening.

Former President Donald Trump has scored two courtroom victories, which he said, in true Trumpian fashion, to be “very vindicating.”

This past Friday, a former contestant from “The Apprentice,” named Summer Zervos, canceled her 2017 lawsuit against the then real-estate-mogul in which she accused him of sexual assault.

Also on Friday, a judge threw out a lawsuit brought against the Trump Organization by his former lawyer Michael Cohen, which wanted $1.9 million to cover legal costs incurred by the work he did for the company, as well as $1.9 million more related to his own legal problems in the early days of the Trump White House, as Reuters reported.

The judge, while not sympathetic to Donald Trump, said the Trump Organization was not responsible for his legal fees.

“Cohen’s legal fees came out of his services to Donald Trump personally, to the Trump Foundation and to his campaign, but not from his services to the corporation of the Trump Organization,” the NY judge said.

Zervos would not elaborate on why she had canceled her lawsuit, but her lawyers did issue a comment explaining that she no longer wants to pursue it.

“Ms. Zervos no longer wants to litigate against Donald Trump and has gotten the right to speak openly about her experience,” the lawyers said. They added that she still “supports the allegations within her complaint.”

The TV star had accused Donald Trump of unwanted groping and kissing in 2005 and of harming her reputation by saying she was lying and retweeting a twitter post that derided Zervos’ assertions as a “hoax.”

Trump was seeking the greenlight from the court to start a countersuit.

“Ms. Zervos made the prudent choice to voluntarily withdraw her case without the exchange of attorneys’ fees,” Trump lawyer Alina Habba said to Reuters. “She had no option but to do this as the facts found made it abundantly obvious that Donald Trump did nothing wrong.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire