Trump Exposes Biden’s Plan For Worldwide Communism

Former President Trump told a Telemundo reporter during an interview this week he thinks President Biden does not “understand the plight of Cubans” and that his program of “complete appeasement” will help the regime stay in power.

Trump spoke to Marilys Llanos in reply to the protests in Cuba that started July 11 demanding a stop to the government. The protests came after years of grassroots movements by anti-communist groups, which had previously created sparse and isolated protests in top Cuban cities but did not successfully achieve a nationwide march of this size since the 2003 so called “Black Spring” crackdown.

The day Trump’s interview aired, the families of the suspected thousands of Cubans who were arrested had organized another march demanding to find out where their children were. Cuban State Security officials replied by pushing heavy security onto the streets of the nation’s most populated cities and arresting activists. As the Cuban leadership shut down most internet connections right after the July 11 protests, Cubans struggled to share videos of their protests with people elsewhere.

Trump said that Biden’s policies were “very weak” and “from a different world.” As president, Trump restricted remittances, put Cuba back on the State Dept. State Sponsors of Terrorism list for its connections to Hezbollah and other groups, ended cruises to the island, and allowed Americans to sue the regime for property stolen after Fidel Castro’s 1959 capture of power.

“I believe he is from a different world; he does not understand the plight of Cubans,” Trump said about Biden. “What this admin. is doing will only prolong the communist regime.”

“The Obama policy is like what they have now, which is complete appeasement, it was aiding the administration which is a communist one… letting them rule Cuba the way it has been ruled,” Trump continued, “and its been ruled horribly… the people of Cuba understand that and the people who were of Cuba and now are of this nation, they will never forget Cuba … they are very disappointed with Biden.”

Trump also said the regime “could have been ended by now” had he not lost the election, a loss that came after decisions like hiring unpopular celeb doctor Anthony Fauci to a national fame and a campaign de-emphasizing core topics which he spoke about in the 2016 campaign, such as deportations.

Author: Scott Dowdy