Trump Finally Makes His 2024 Decision

President Trump said this week that his supporters will be “very happy” with his choice about running for president again in 2024.

“I’m absolutely thrilled. I look forward to announcing at the right time,” the 45th president said to Candace Owens during an interview.

“It’s still very early. But I believe people will be very, very happy by my announcement,” he said.

Trump explained why his announcement had to wait.

“Because of campaign finance, you can’t do it so soon, if you do, it becomes a different thing. Otherwise, I would give you the answer you would probably be very happy about,” he said. “All I say is: keep watching.”

Owens then laughed about joining him on his ticket.

“What a great choice that would be. You would be fantastic,” Trump said. “And you know, I really appreciate the work you do.”

Last month, Trump said he is “100 percent” considering running again.

“The polls show everybody wants me to try,” Trump said to Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business channel. “One hundred percent, I am thinking about it and I think we will be very successful.”

Author: Scott Dowdy