Trump Gets A President’s Day Surprise He’ll Never Forget

With the ongoing Ukraine crisis, increasing gas prices and historically dumpster-fire presidential approval ratings, many American citizens were feeling somewhat angry this Presidents Day, finding little to be happy about concerning the White House occupant in 2022.

Some Americans, however, chose to treat their favorite president to a huge celebration — regardless of the fact he is no longer in office.

As former President Trump enjoyed some golf rounds in his West Palm Beach golf course this week to mark the holiday, what seemed like scores of enthusiastic MAGA Americans showed up to wish him the best.

Waving huge “Trump Won” flags, and using MAGA regalia and American flags, the crowd yelled “We want Trump!” as they blew their air horns.

The former president pumped and waved his fist in response; he is always in his element in front of any MAGA crowd.

It’s clear whom these Trump supporters were celebrating this Presidents Day: the man many think should still be in the oval office and, as one man shouted on a loudspeaker, the man they hoped will soon go back to the White House.

This seems to be a fresh tradition for Trump supporters; an enthusiastic and also large crowd showed up near Mar-a-Lago on President’s Day last year to support Trump, right after his second impeachment acquittal and only one month after he left the White House.

Trump may be hated by some influential and powerful people, but there is no denying he has an enthusiastic base that has not been deterred by any of these relentless attacks that have shrouded his career and its legacy.

And they bring the same emphatic with their trolling of current President Biden, who apparently cannot go out without hearing chants of “Let’s go, Brandon.”

And for Presidents Day, Joe Biden was playing world leader in D.C. as he tried to handle Putin’s actions in Ukraine.

Americans still remember how he dealt with the last military crisis in Afghanistan, and between the prices they are paying at the pump and what the Biden White House wants to pay to enable cocaine addiction, something tells me there were not a lot of enthusiastic crowds on Pennsylvania Avenue this Monday.

Author: Blake Ambrose