Trump Gets A Surprising New Ally In Election Audit Battle

Brad Raffensperger, the Georgia Secretary of State, is finally switching his opinion as the findings from the audit in Georgia are being revealed, especially pertaining to the huge fraud center of Fulton County.

“Bringing back confidence in our elections will be impossible so long as Fulton County’s election leaders continue to fail the people of Fulton County and the people of Georgia. They need new people to get up and take charge., he said in a Tweet.

“New information that Fulton County is not able to give all ballot drop box documents will be carefully investigated, as we have in other counties that did not follow Georgia regulations and rules about drop boxes. This must not continue., Raffensperger said.

Fulton is the fourth Georgia county to be investigated for irregularities. Coffee, Taylor and Grady counties were previously being investigated. Raffensperger’s team downplayed those investigations.

“123 counties had absentee drop boxes for the 2020 election. Of those, 120 confirmed they kept ballot transfer forms in compliance with state rules. Officials in 3 counties – Grady, Coffee, and Taylor – reported they had not created the forms as they were supposed to. The 3 counties are only 0.37% of all the absentee ballots for the election., the official wrote.

However, Raffensperger is now altering his stance as the election results are finally brought into the public light. He is maybe hoping to avoid accountability for his role in the election steal.

It was reported before about how Raffensperger defended the vote rigging that happened to set up the vote steal, including the intake of Zuckerberb money into the state to create the infrastructure.

For example, much of the money given by Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg pertained to the drop boxes that Raffensperger now says he has no connection to. Raffensperger’s crimes should not be forgotten, and he must not be allowed to get away with anything.

Author: Steven Sinclaire