Trump Gets The “Last Laugh” Against Democrats — This One Is About His Health

A new study done by medRxiv reveals that hydroxychloroquine, when combined with zinc, increased the survival of severely sick coronavirus patients by up to 200 percent.

“This study researched 255 patients who needed invasive ventilation during the initial months of the pandemic. Through this evaluation and a new look at the data, we were better able to understand factors affecting the success of intubation,” the study finding said.

“By using new techniques, we discovered that an increased dose of HCQ and AZM were connected with a greater than 100% increase in survival.”

While the study is a new one, the data about the benefits of hydroxychloroquine has been touted since April of 2020. Doctors around the nation were reporting its great results.

Further, a poll of over 1000 doctors showed a majority would prescribe hydroxychloroquine to a family member who had coronavirus.

In addition, a large number of doctors also reported they would give the drugs to those exposed to covid-19 and that they would take the medicine themselves if they caught the virus.

“Thirty-percent of doctors asked said they would give the medication to a family member before onset of symptoms if they were exposed to coronavirus,” they found. “Sixty-seven percent of questioned physicians said they would take it to treat themselves for the virus. And fifty-six percent reported they would take it if they had symptoms with another 11 percent saying they would take it if they had a bad case of the virus.”

New emails from Dr. Fauci were published last week and they reveal he was told about the benefits of the drug but publicly said it was not good for fighting the virus.

For a time of four weeks last year, President Trump took hydroxychloroquine. The Democrats and media then went to work attacking the medication.

Author: Blake Ambrose