Trump Goes For The Jugular, Shows Everyone How Weak America Has Become Under Biden

The 45th pres. said the United States is “much weaker now” under Pres. Joe Biden’s leadership.

During an interview Saturday, Donald Trump said the U.S. has become a lot weaker and is no longer respected the way it should be. He echoed what used to be the strongest southern border in U.S. history has now become to the worst as millions of illegal migrants continue pouring into America amid Biden’s failed border policies.

However, the 45th pres. said Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan is what really weakened the nation in the eyes of other countries.

“Our military is magnificent. Our generals are great as well…except for our t.v. generals, they do not know what the hell they are doing. But I’ll tell you, I really think that whole Afghanistan disaster was, not one person really believes it. It is so hard,” said Trump. “Our nation feels so low right now. It has never been so embarrassed.”

Trump stated he doesn’t think the U.S. has ever been thought of worse than it is today. He criticized how Joe Biden managed to weaken America’s relationship with other nations and world leaders amid increasing tensions between Ukraine and Russia.

Trump also talked about Iran, saying he would’ve been able to get a nuclear deal done within one week after the 2020 election.

“We have never had an issue with Ukraine in terms of a problem like you see today where there very well might be an invasion. That stuff wasn’t on the table,” Trump said. “I got along very well with Putin and with Pres. Xi and all of them. I got along with Kim Jong-un, but they understand they could not do any of this stuff. Now, they are doing things that are unthinkable.”

The 45th president also stated he would not engage in a complete boycott of the Beijing Olympics, adding it is not only unfair to the athletes, but also to many other nations as well.

“Jimmy Carter tried a larger version of that, and it was a huge failure. I think that there are many things we could do that are a lot more powerful than that. That sends a double signal. It can also send a very bad vibe,” Trump stated.

Trump did not confirm whether he was planning on running again in the 2024 election, but a Harvard poll suggested Donald Trump is leading possible GOP challengers in the year’s presidential primary by about 58 percent.

Author: Scott Dowdy