Trump-Hating RINO Gets Exposed As A Fake, And It’s Hilarious

Former president Trump, praised Georgia governor candidate former Sen. David Perdue (R) for his recent debate performance, during which he challenged the governor on his failure to resist Democratic election ploys in 2020.

“For Perdue, who exposed the Republican Brian Kemp as the RINO that we have all known him to be, this was a HUGE victory,” Trump said in his latest statement.

Trump said Perdue was the only GOP member who can beat “Stacey ‘The Hoax’ Abrams,” and stated:

“It also demonstrated how crucial it is for Trump supporters to go out and vote for David Perdue in the election. If our voters come out, David Perdue will win by a landslide, as difficult as it may be to defeat an incumbent. A lot is at stake, including record-breaking CRIME, which Brian Kemp has failed to address, allowing neighborhoods to be overrun by murders, theft, shootings, and drug deals.” 

Trump also said that MAGA voters won’t come out to vote for Kemp. He added that a Kemp victory would have “a detrimental impact on Herschel Walker’s Senate campaign — it will be very difficult for him to win with Kemp on the ticket.”

“Don’t allow the Dems, or the RINOs, to win in Georgia. Vote for David Perdue, a great guy who will make a fantastic Governor!” Trump concluded.

Ed Perdue, the Trump-endorsed GOP gubernatorial candidate in Georgia, went head-to-head with Kemp this week, launching the debate by stating that the 2020 election was “stolen and rigged” and accusing him of giving in to Democrats.

“I’ve always said there is fraud in all elections, and I went after it when I was secretary of state,” he added, clarifying that he “didn’t say there weren’t any issues this time around.”

“I was as frustrated as everybody else,” Kemp responded. “A special session would not have helped us resolve the problem.”

The two kept firing jabs at each other, with Kemp blaming Perdue for his Senate loss to Sen. Jon Ossoff (D-GA) in the runoff election. However, Perdue put the responsibility for the loss back on Kemp, stating that “the governor gave in and handed the reins of power to Stacey and the liberal Dems in 2020.”

A recent poll from the University of Georgia’s International Affairs School suggests Kemp has a significant advantage over Perdue, with 53 percent backing him compared to 26 percent for Perdue.

Author: Steven Sinclaire