Trump Jr. Catches CNN In The Ultimate Biden Coverup

Did CNN just admit that Biden’s Presidency is a disaster? Trump Jr. says yes, they absolutely did, and he’s got proof.

Trump Jr. shared the video proof from CNN’s “Inside Politics” this week when CNN personality Abby Phillip spoke about the state of the nation—and it is not good.

“Domestically in this country, you have these searing visuals. If you are a certain age, it brings you back to — I believe Republicans would love to go back to the Carter years. But these lines are a psychological problem. It might be temporary, but for the public, there is a psychological element of inflation and witnessing gas lines and sometimes, in certain Southern states, not being able to get gas.”

Of course, it’s obvious to us conservatives that Biden is a disaster. And now it seems that even CNN might be catching on.

Author: Scott Dowdy