Trump Jr. Humiliates The Biggest RINO In Washington

Donald Trump Jr. responded to Congresswoman’s Liz Cheney’s (R-Wyo.) possible 2024 presidential bid.

In his recent video message, Trump Jr. slammed the RINO by saying she should run as a Democrat, because that would be more in line with the congresswoman’s “swamp instincts.” He then stressed her pushed to impeach President Donald Trump and her push to continue endless wars.

Trump Jr. then scoffed at the idea of Liz Cheney leading the Republican ticket in 2024 and said she does not represent Republican values.

“Cheney would be among the most hated politicians in D.C. by the mainstream media if she had our conservative values, but when she talks against Trump they give her freebies,” he said.

Trump Jr. then said if Cheney runs for president, he would make a strong effort to make sure conservatism is not destroyed.

Author: Scott Dowdy