Trump Jr Lets It Slip — And Republicans Are Going Nuts

Former President Trump is the future of the GOP, his eldest son Trump Jr. said this week.

“If you’re seeing the room and you’re smart, you realize that Donald is still the future of the GOP,” Trump Jr. said, before his father’s CPAC speech.

Trump Jr. stressed that conservatives who support Donald Trump are “following the America First plan” to “fight for the hard-working people” in America.

“Those folks who are getting displaced by illegals, who are being swept away by the Democrat Party, who just flagrantly ignore them, Donald Trump is on top of that,” he said.

Trump Jr. went on to stress that companies cutting ties with conservatives after the Capitol Hill event is “good” because “lawmakers can actually start fighting for people the way Trump did.”

“The GOP isn’t bound to those corporate interests any longer,” he added. “So I love that they are breaking that link for us, because we need more candidates who will go to war and fight for the working class and put them first.

“At no other point in history was it seen as controversial for leaders of a country to put their citizens first,” Trump Jr. said. “Why is it now, and how did the Democrats manage to get away with putting America last all this time?”

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