Trump Jr. Reveals Who The Liberal Media Fears Right Now (It’s Not Donald)


During a recent radio show, Donald Trump Jr. denounced the RINO and fake news media smears against Missouri’s Senate candidate Eric Greitens.
Following the release of a bombshell report on Greitens, Donald Trump Jr. called out the clear political agenda behind the campaign to hurt his reputation as he prepares for another run at politics after being ousted from office in Missouri amid a crooked partisan witch hunt in 2018.

“I look at who the media hates the most, which is usually the guy I like, kind of like JD Vance who is from Ohio. When CNN and others hate you, as they do me, the Washington Post hates you; that is my guy. That makes sense to me,” Trump Jr. told 97.1 FM Talk.

“I’m seeing sort of the phony stuff they’ve presented at Greitens. Now that prosecutor is in hot water. The FBI guy admits to having lied under oath,” he continued. “And you know, it’s funny because when you see these types of setups, it makes you question what they are doing and why they’re going after them since they usually only go after individuals who are actually dangerous.”

“We are despised and assaulted by the fake news media, as well as RINOs, because I am the only America First candidate that is running in Missouri!” Greitens said in reaction to Trump Jr.’s statements.

The entire clip can be seen here:

Trump Jr. Calls Out ‘Sham’ Media

The vindication of Greitens was reported on recently, just as the Dems who railroaded him have been exposed as liars and criminals.

A prosecutor who is backed by Soros admitted to wrongdoing in her case against Eric Greitens, which was considered a witch hunt in the first place. He has now been vindicated.

Kim Gardner, the St. Louis Circuit Attorney who has been funded by progressive oligarch George Soros, acknowledged to hiding critical evidence from Greitens’ attorneys, releasing false evidence, and other ethical breaches. She will be reprimanded as a result of her unscrupulous activities after meeting with the Missouri Office of Disciplinary Counsel. The Supreme Court in Missouri will rule on whether any further disciplinary action is necessary.

Anders Walker, a law professor at Saint Louis University, has told KMOV TV that Gardner’s suspension will most certainly have an impact on the criminal justice system in Missouri.

“This could be a very serious situation if the Circuit Attorney attempted to remove a sitting governor, and we’re not talking about a criminal matter here. We’re talking about undermining the criminal process, and there’s nothing more serious than that to me.”

While Trump Jr. did not expressly state if his father would endorse Greitens in the primary for U.S. Senate in Missouri, he came close to implying that Greitens is his first choice among the four main candidates running in the competitive election.


Author: Blake Ambrose