Trump Makes Democrats Pay For Their Lying, Cheating Ways

Former President Trump says next year’s midterms will bring an unprecedented Republican wave.

Trump spoke to the National Republican Congressional Committee this week in Florida, laying out his roadmap for what he said was the future of the GOP and talking about what could be an even bigger comeback than what the Republicans had in 2010, energized with the Tea Party movement, two years after Barrack Obama won the presidency and Dems secured a firm grasp on Congress.

“I stand before you to report that if we do our jobs, and if we stay together, then exactly one year from now, we will be seeing a huge red wave sweep across this nation — and we will celebrate the election of the largest House GOP majority in American history,” he said, according to videos released by his office this Wednesday.

GOP successes in recent elections, including in New Jersey and Virginia, were “only the beginning,” Trump said. He also mentioned the election of Ohio’s Mike Carey to Congress. In fact, Carey and three more candidates Donald Trump endorsed won their elections, ending in a 4-0 record .

House GOP members are targeting 70 DNC districts as they seek to run a repeat of 2010, when the party got 63 seats in midterms on its way to getting the majority in a historical swing in the electorate, according to a message from the NRCC.

Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy put the Dems on notice after a strong showing for the GOP, saying conservatives might flip 60 seats next year. “If you are a Democrat and Joe Biden won your seat by 16 points, you are not in a competitive race. You are not safe,” the California GOP member said.

Speaking about his view for the GOP agenda, Trump said his supporters want action on stopping Biden’s open border agenda. He said once the GOP takes command of Congress, they should focus on forcing China to “pay trillions for unleashing” coronavirus, banning CRT, and preventing federal taxpayer money from going to Big Tech companies, among other things that conservatives have wanted for a long time.

Author: Steven Sinclaire