Trump Names His Next VP — Democrats Are Furious

President Trump revealed this Thursday that he is for sure thinking about a 2024 presidential bid and would “certainly” see Florida Governor Ron DeSantis being a top contender for his running mate.

Trump made the comments during his interview with “Mornings with Maria” this Thursday morning, which was the morning after Biden’s Congressional address, his highest-profile speech yet.

Trump said that DeSantis is a friend and a great guy.

“I publicly supported Ron and after I did he took off in the polls,” Trump said. “He has done a wonderful job as Florida’s governor.”

Trump also spoke about his platform for a possible 2024 presidential run, which he said would include protecting gun rights, the border and guard against tax increases.

During the interview with host Maria Bartiromo, Trump slammed President Biden for not mentioning the border crisis during his speech.

“He didn’t mention the border,” the former president said when asked what stood out to him about Biden’s speech.

Trump then stressed that “tens of thousands of people are coming into our nation at a level that has never been witnessed before.” He said those coming into the country include criminals and that Biden “is doing nothing” to stop them.

“It is out of control,” Trump said, warning that the situation “will destroy our nation.”

President Biden has removed a number of former President Trump’s immigration rules, including the building of the border wall and requiring asylum seekers to stay in Mexico instead of remaining in the States while they await their court cases.

These moves have created a record surge in illegals, including minors, that has caused problems at border facilities in past weeks.

“They must finish the wall,” Trump said. Noting that the wall “would have been done if we didn’t get sued by the Democrats at every step.”

Trump also highlighted that his ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy was “a wonderful thing,” but the Biden White House “gave it up” and “now everyone is flooding in.”

“The border must be put back to where I had it,” Trump stressed. “We had it the best in our country’s history.”

President Trump also slammed Biden’s large tax increases, calling them “the largest tax increase in history,” which he said will “destroy our economy.”

“You are going from the largest decrease to the largest increase in our history,” he said. “It’s going to shock a lot of people, not just rich people, but all people.”

Author: Scott Dowdy

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