Trump On New Durham Finding: “This Is Worse Than Watergate”

Former Pres. Donald Trump responded Saturday to the allegations that operatives of the Hillary Clinton campaign paid a contractor to start spying on Trump by using cell phone data during the 2016 campaign and leading into his presidency by calling it a scandal that was worse than Watergate.

John Durham has filed a motion in the federal court of Washington, DC, in connection with the prosecution of the former Clinton campaign lawyer known as Michael Sussmann, who has been charged with lying to the FBI regarding his role in creating the Russia “collusion” hoax.

The filing has revealed that Sussmann was involved in the effort to mine data from a project that was run by DARPA at a U.S. university to spy on Donald Trump and his associates — at the Trump Tower, at Donald Trump’s private residence, and at the Executive Office of the Presidency once Pres. Trump became president and entered the White House. Their goal was to get damaging information that would then be used to build the “Russia collusion” narrative against Donald Trump.

Trump reacted in a statement recently released by implying that the Hillary Clinton operatives had committed acts of treason:

The most recent pleading from Robert Durham has provided indisputable evidence that my presidency and campaign were spied on by operatives that were paid for by Hillary Clinton’s Campaign in an attempt to create a completely made-up connection to Russia. This is a scandal that is far greater in magnitude and scope than Watergate and the individuals that were involved in this and knew about the spying operations should be subjected to criminal prosecution. In a stronger time period in our nation, these crimes would have been punishable by the death penalty. In addition to this, reparations should be paid to anyone in our nation that has been damaged by this.

In Watergate, associates of Richard Nixon got caught breaking into the offices of the Dem National Committee during the 1972 pres. campaign. In Trump’s case, the alleged spying went beyond the campaign and into Pres. Trump’s presidency.

When Donald Trump claimed in the early parts of 2017 that his “wires” were “tapped” at Trump Tower, the media mocked mocked him.

Author: Scott Dowdy