Trump Outrages the Left with Hilarious Meme

One thing that the left hates is a sense of humor. Social justice censors have been cracking down on comedy—attacking both liberals and conservatives. It’s no surprise that are particularly outraged when Donald Trump shows his lighter side, especially when they’ve done all they can to make him miserable. Recently, he posted a meme on Twitter about his thoughts for Greenland. The left can’t handle it.

You may have heard about Trump’s consideration over buying Greenland. The land is the largest island on the planet and currently owned by Denmark. Recently, some rumors spread that Trump was talking to his top aides about the possibility of buying the land. What for? People have speculated what the president might want to do with that island sandwiched between the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans.

Quickly, Trump fans began spreading jokes and memes about Trump’s potential plans. One of those jokes reached the president himself. Always ready to have a bit of fun with his fans, he posted a Greenland meme, with a delightful comment at the top.

Naturally, Trump-haters on the left had a meltdown.

President Donald Trump tweeted a hilarious meme of Greenland on Monday, which caused those on the political Left to freakout, as political talks about his desire to purchase the world’s largest island continue.

Trump tweeted out a photo of Greenland with a picture of Trump International Hotel Las Vegas photoshopped into the photo, writing: “I promise not to do this to Greenland!” [Source: Daily Wire]

That’s pretty funny, if you ask me. The picture shows Trump’s golden Las Vegas tower placed right in the middle of one of the few towns in Greenland (the island is only sparsely populated).

It’s pretty obvious that Trump was joking. Even the possibility of him buying Greenland is still just speculation. But, never fear, leftists freaked out of this little joke by the president.

One of O’Rourke’s people wrote “can you believe someone sat down in the white house — quite possibly, the west wing — and made this graphic then sent it to the president of the united states of america and was like let’s tweet it and the president of the united states of america was like hell yeah”

Um, no sweetie, this was made by a fan on Reddit. Maybe you should get out more.

A Daily Beast writer posted, “My husband’s reaction to seeing this: ‘I … what … why did he post that? Like, that’s troll content? For real? What … like, that’s crazy!'”

And lovely Andy Ostroy posted, “Are you ever gonna do any actual work? You just f**k off all day and night. Worst, most incompetent president ever … #Trump”

You have to wonder about an entire group of people who can’t take a joke.

People on the left today have lost all human humor, sensibility, and personality. They are like miserable robots, seeking targets to obliterate. Even liberal comedians complain regularly about how leftists are making it impossible to be funny anymore.

They just took down Sarah Silverman, a very liberal woman and Trump critic. Nobody is safe from this horde of angry, unfunny communists.

We should be very happy Trump continues to make fun of them and posts memes. After two-and-a-half years of unrelenting attacks from the left, President Trump still has his sense of humor. It means, despite what the left is doing, Trump is happy. And he’s enjoying his time as president. That tells you one big thing: the left can’t stop him from doing what he intends to do.

And I’m not talking about buying Greenland. I’m talking about restoring America’s strength and dignity, not to mention our economy.

But Greenland does sound like a nice prize. According to some, it can provide significant intelligence opportunities for our satellite operations. Perhaps Trump wants to expand our military’s ability to oppose growing Russia and China hostility. Now’s the time to make sure these super powers don’t dominate the world.

So, it might be just a fun meme, but Trump has big plans. Maybe the miserable left should be supporting him, not complaining.

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