Trump-Owned Social Media Platform On The Horizon

An adviser to President Trump said he would be back on social media soon and might have a plan to launch his own platform.

“I expect we’ll see Trump back on social media,” adviser Jason Miller said during a Saturday interview. “Whether that is on an existing social website or him making his own, there are many options and a number of discussions are happening concerning them all. But nothing is for sure.”

President Trump’s use of social media was among his most memorable qualities as a president, with him firing off tweets to slam Democrats or announce new agendas.

But that changed in the last days of his administration. Facebook and Twitter removed President Trump from their platforms after some of his supporters went into the U.S. Capitol after a speech he gave in front of the White House saying the election was stolen.

Miller hinted that Trump will soon make his return to social media but did not say for sure whether Trump would be joining an existing website or create his own social platform.

“All options are available,” Miller stated. “A number of possibilities are being discussed. Keep watching because you know he’s going to be back. We’re just going to figure out what makes the most sense.”

The comments are after Facebook said it will never unblock his account and Twitter removing him permanently.

“I don’t celebrate banning Trump from Twitter,” Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey has said, explaining his choice to permanently ban President Trump as ”the right choice for Twitter.”

One existing platform Trump could join would be Parler, but that website has been under attack in its own fight with Big Tech after Apple and Google removed its app from their stores, and Amazon removed them from their web servers.

Trump has criticized tech companies, accusing them of trying to control our political climate.

“Big tech is very dishonest about free speech,” Trump stated last year. “It might be a big problem for them at the right time.”

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