Trump Plans GOP Domination — And His Tactics Are Totally Genius

The Republicans’ wealthiest fundraisers and contributors will be in Florida this weekend for a GOP donor retreat that is attracting over half a dozen possible 2024 contenders.

Among those thought to be there will be some of the Republicans biggest powerbrokers like South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Senators Rick Scott and Tom Cotton and Marco Rubio of Florida. All six are considered possible hopefuls in 2024.

Also speaking at the conference is another Republican who is flirting with a 2024 run – Trump.

The two-day meeting is to be held at the Four Seasons resort in Palm Beach – but will shift to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, where Trump will address the attendees.

The pilgrimage to Mar-a-Lago somewhat shows the sway that Trump has over the party, over two months after he left the White House. And that is not sitting well with some establishment donors. A conference attendee who spoke with reporters anonymously had concerns about Trump’s clout.

The source said: “it’s a big party. You have donors who see Trump’s influence as not being big enough and we have some who see Trump’s influence being too much.”

Among the speakers at the event will be embattled Rep. Matt Gaetz. It will be the first time Gaetz has spoken in front of an audience since the media launched what appeared to be a smear against him last week.

Also speaking will be Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia, who was targeted by Democrats for removal from her assignments for her social media posts which were labeled “conspiratorial.”

Author: Scott Dowdy

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