Trump Plans Incredible MAGA ‘Rebirth’

Former President Trump will speak at the upcoming CPAC event in July. This will be among his highest-profile public speech since leaving Washington.

Trump delivered a scorching speech at the last CPAC event in February, ripping into Biden and establishment RINOs as he hinted at his future involvement in Republican politics.

“The event’s theme for this year is America UnCanceled,” American Conservative Union leader Matt Schlapp announced in a comment about Trump’s appearance at the event. “We are honored that he will join us and remind Republicans that freedom will not be silenced.”

The Texas event will happen between July 9 and July 11.

“A corrupt alliance of officials who wish to remove voter ID, Tech censorship overlords, woke school leaders and corporate titans, and the fake media are colluding to silence the voices and votes of conservatives,” Schlapp also said about the event.

Trump is of course still very popular in the GOP and easily won the CPAC poll at the last event in February.

Trump has hinted that he wants to help in the 2022 GOP primaries, as he moves toward a possible 2024 presidential race, with most expecting he will easily win nomination if he does run. Most Republicans embrace Trump, even as the media and establishment Republicans continue to work to destroy his reputation.

His July CPAC speech, along with some rallies that Trump hinted at in a comment last month, will be closely watched by Americans to see if they give more details on Trump’s plans about a possible 2024 presidential run.

Author: Blake Ambrose