Trump Proven Right On Election Fraud — Here’s What Happens Next

Former President Trump, who has supported state audits of the 2020 election due to numerous accounts of election fraud throughout the country, welcomed a new eye-opening report on Wednesday.

VoterGA, which paid for the report, and stands for “Voters for Trusted Elections in Georgia,” is a nonpartisan group in Georgia. VoterGA is on a lawsuit that challenges the results of the November election inside Georgia’s Fulton County.

“Fulton County’s hand audit of the November election was filled with huge errors and undeniable fraud,” a press release from the group said. The organization stressed that its data team found “923 of 1539 mail-in batch files had votes incorrectly reported in the official November results.”

The error report rate in Fulton county’s hand audit is a staggering 60%,” VoterGA stated.

The organization also said that one form of error it found was duplicate results reporting. According to the press release, “36 batches of mail-in ballots had 4,255 extra votes redundantly added into the audit results for the Nov. election.”

“These illicit votes featured 3,390 extra votes for Biden, 865 extra for Trump and 43 extra going to Jorgenson,” Voter GA revealed.

Also, VoterGA’s team found “7 falsified audit sheets having fabricated votes for their batches.”

“The news from Georgia is beyond shocking. The hand recount they did Fulton County was a complete fraud! They stuffed the box — and then got caught red handed. We will lose our nation if this is allowed to continue,” Trump said in reply to the news, according to a published comment.

“In this county, the hand audit was wrong by 60%, they copied thousands of votes for Biden.”

Trump asked, “Are we living in a Third World nation now? What else will they discover once the complete Forensic Audit happens?”

“Brad Raffensperger certified the Election Scam even though it was ‘riddled with huge errors and provable fraud.’ This proves that Suzi Voyles was right, somone who worked on Fulton elections for decades and said that photocopied ballots were used for Biden,” Trump said.

“This is in addition to the 35,000 illegal votes found in Georgia, and the more than 100,000 obsolete voter registrations, and thousands of dead people, removed AFTER the election.”

“Will the A.G. of Georgia finally do something? How has Governor Brian Kemp let this happen? This is corruption from the highest level. Our Country is at stake,” Trump said.

Author: Steven Sinclaire