Trump Renders Biden Powerless With Latest Move

President Biden’s administration has hired 17 immigration judges to handle the backlog of immigration cases. Some of them do not have experience with immigration cases and almost none have represented illegal immigrants.

This has infuriated activists who say they want Trump’s influence out of the immigration system.

“I would expect this list from Jeff Sessions or Bill Barr, but they are not in power anymore. Elections should have consequences,” said Paul Schmidt, a professor at Georgetown Law School.

Schmidt continued, “This list does not have anyone among the top 100 asylum officials in the nation, and that is who we should be hiring.”

The radical left does not want certain prosecutors because they say they are biased against migrants but attorneys are fine because they are biased in favor of migrants?

Would it not be better to choose judges with no bias at all? Do the liberals hear how idiotic they sound?

Biden’s problem was to either accept the Trump administration’s chosen and vetted judges and attorneys or begin the whole process again. Biden chose to save time.

President Biden will make his mark on the courts by hiring a lot of judge. But he won’t be allowed to fire any of Trump’s. This means MAGA’s influence will be felt in the years to come.

Author: Steven Sinclaire