Trump Republican Flips, Turns To Communism And Anti-White Rhetoric

Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin might have came into office based on being against CRT, but his new hire for Education Secretary could be a sign that the anti-white principles that found CRT will stay in place in schools during his new administration.

Youngkin said that Aimee Rogstad Guidera, an education consultant, would be his new Secretary of Education just recently. Youngkin said her appointment would “recharge the system that has been stale for too long.”

“Aimee will be a crucial partner in helping expectations for excellence; overseeing a new education budget to give money to teachers, schools and special education programs; creating an innovation lab and charter schools; and helping a curriculum that prepares our children for a good future and removes politics from our classroom,” Youngkin said in a comment.

Guidera is the current founder of the Data Quality Campaign (DQC), a nonprofit group that studies data from children and makes recommendations for education. Some of these recommendations made by the DQC include social-emotional learning (SEL) advocacy, another liberal euphemism allowing for anti-white propaganda to be taught to kids just like critical race theory.

In a resource published by the DQC back in March 2018 called, “Using Social-Emotional Learning Data: Lessons Learned,” school systems are asked to model themselves after California to track their children based on their adherence to social justice ideas.

“82 percent of American citizens now say it is very important for schools to help children develop interpersonal skills like being respectful of others, cooperative and solving problems. And 91 percent of families are interested in understanding their child’s social-emotional learning (SEL),” the DQC said in their report.

“What is not so obvious, however, is how to accurately decide and assess these skills, especially the ones that fall in the category of SEL. However, areas like California’s CORE Districts give examples to learn from some states that can better understand how they could approach this work,” they said.

While the DQC is pretty vague, going into the curriculum under SEL reveals that it is again far-left indoctrination just as insidious as CRT.

The hiring of Guidera reveals that Youngkin might have pulled a RINO bait-and-switch when it comes to being against the left-wing brainwashing in the classroom. Considering Youngkin’s obvious and deep globalist ties, this will come as no surprise to anyone.

Author: Scott Dowdy